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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Nick's scheduler policy v7
    Hi !
    > This one has a few changes. Children now get a priority boost
    > on fork, and parents retain more priority after forking a child,
    > however exiting CPU hogs will now penalise parents a bit.
    > Timeslice scaling was tweaked a bit. Oh and remember raising X's
    > priority should _help_ interactivity with this patch, and IMO is
    > not an unreasonable thing to be doing.
    > Please test. I'm not getting enough feedback!
    And here's my report (almost no numbers, everything is purely subjective).
    I haven't tested Con's O18.1 yet, so my comparision is against -test4 vanilla.
    First (and most subjective opinion) - great. Under casual load (Opera
    rendering page and using its motifwrapper to handle flash (it's a CPU hog
    alone) + ocassional compilation + XMMS using ALSA ) everything feels very
    smooth _and_ responsive, no XMMS jerks, windows are moving nicely - X is
    definitely not starved, ps ax in xterm displays its output almost instantly,
    apps startup time is also very pleasantly low - all in all great.
    Unusual load (make -j 4 bzImage + aforementioned activity ) - I was able to
    notice 1 jerk in XMMS (wasn't able to reproduce, so this is acceptable),
    application startup time is slightly worse, but nonetheless useable and once
    started, all apps are quite smooth, but X is definitely starved, and it has
    great impact on WM - window movement is jerky and feels bad. However, renice
    -20 <X pid> cures this behavior completely, without any noticeable penalty on
    another apps - music is playing nicely, page rendering is still clean and

    Overall - very nice.
    I'll stick to your scheduling policy for a while .

    System specs:

    IBM ThinkPad T21, PIII-800Mhz , 256Mb.
    Linux 2.6.0-test4, APM, ALSA, anticipatory IO scheduling

    P.S. make clean && make -j 4 bzImage completed while I was writing this
    letter, so I'm assuming throughput is also OK for me.

    With all the best, yarick at relex dot ru.

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