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SubjectRe: tasklet_kill will always hang for recursive tasklets on a UP

> Hmm, actually, no. On UP, yes. But on SMP, you might tasklet_kill
> while the tasklet is running, but before it has had a chance to
> tasklet_schedule itself. tasklet_schedule will have no effect in
> this case.
> Alexey, if my observation is correct, the property
> | * If tasklet_schedule() is called, then tasklet is guaranteed
> | to be executed on some cpu at least once after this.
> does not hold if using tasklet_kill on SMP.

It still holds. tasklet_kill just waits for completion of scheduled
events. Well, it _assumes_ that cpu which calls tasklet_schedule
does not try to wake the tasklet after death. But it is from area
of pure scholastics already: waker and killer have to synchronize in some
way anyway.

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