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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] Net device error logging, revised
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Jim Keniston wrote:
> > #define netdev_printk(sevlevel, netdev, msglevel, format, arg...) \
> > do { \
> > if (NETIF_MSG_##msglevel == NETIF_MSG_ALL || ((netdev)->msg_enable & NETIF_MSG_##msglevel)) { \
> > char pfx[40]; \
> > printk(sevlevel "%s: " format , make_netdev_msg_prefix(pfx, netdev) , ## arg); \
> > }} while (0)
> >
> > This would make your code bigger, but not that much bigger for the common case where
> > the msglevel is omitted (and the 'if(...)' is optimized out).
> "NETIF_MSG_" is silly and should be eliminated.

From this, I infer that you think that the option to "omit" the msglevel arg --
netdev_err(dev,, "NIC is fried!\n"); /* always logged */
-- is silly. No big deal. Its sole purpose is to help keep netdev_* calls terse.

> A separate "NETIF_MSG_ALL" test is not needed, because msg_enable is a
> bitmask. A msg_enable of 0xffffffff will naturally create a NETIF_MSG_ALL.

But how do you code a netdev_* call where you ALWAYS want the message (including
netdev_printk-style prefix) logged, regardless of the value of msg_enable? That's
what NETIF_MSG_ALL is for (and why it might be better called NETIF_MSG_ALWAYS)...
netdev_err(dev, ALL, "NIC is fried!\n"); /* always logged */
netdev_err(dev, ALWAYS, "NIC is fried!\n"); /* always logged */

> Also, whatever mechanism is created, it needs to preserve the feature of
> the existing system:
> if (a quick bitmask test)
> do something
> And preferably "do something" is not inlined, because printk'ing --
> although it may appear in a fast path during debugging -- cannot be
> considered a fast path itself.
> Jeff

Sorry, I'm not sure what you're getting at here. netdev_* doesn't prevent
people from using the existing netif_msg_* macros; it just provides shorthand
for the (usual) case where "do something" is "printk".

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