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SubjectRe: Problems with PCMCIA (Texas Instruments PCI1410)
On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 00:20, Russell King wrote:
> I'm waiting for more people to send me problem reports. Currently, it
> looks like PCI1410 and OZ6912 cardbus controllers, and one VG469 ISA
> PCMCIA controller are affected.
> If there's anyone who has found this problem and hasn't reported it, it
> would be most useful if they could put together a report (containing the
> requested information.) so we get more datapoints.
> Someone else mentioned that the problem occurred (iirc) sometime between
> 2.5.70 and 2.5.75, which is when the bulk of the major pcmcia changes
> went in... so it isn't that useful.
yep, thats me :) thought i have a PCI1450 (as i think the other reports
from Thinkpad t21 are..)
> Also note that I'm unable to reproduce the problem on either my ARM
> system containing a CL6833 Cardbus controller nor my IBM Thinkpad
> with a TI PCI1250, so I'm completely dependent on getting reports from
> the community to solve this issue.
Other than these reports, what else can we do to help? If this is
something that can ease me into some kernel debugging, where should i
look first?


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