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Subjecthow to log reiser and raid0 crash? 2.6.0-t4
2.6.0-test4 amd xp 3000+ msi mbo nforce2  four Maxtor 60G 8mbcache raid0

I cause a lock up by doing a cp -aR /usr/src /mnt/usr which moves data
than total hard buffer cache, to raid0 reiserfs or ext2 ( NOT reiser4!)
Copy ops
smaller than buffer cache(8mb x 4 = 32mb) don't fail. Nothing fails on a
drive, compiles or copies, just copy to a mounted raid0 device. What
should I
try, test, or dump?

No irq error storm. No cd drives installed. Smaller copy ops work. Turning
swap off first slows things down enough to work, but swap itself is probably
OK. I have bios turn apic off, then linux turns it on, which is good
until the
turn apic off before turn apic on patch gets into test5 or whatever.

hdparm sets all four drives the same, udma6 but have tried down to udma4
and pio4 and dma turned off, unmask on or off.

If two drives are on the mboard controller and two on a promise pci card,
does /proc/ide/amd74xx refer to the two drives on the motherboard only?
It seems to mention four drives but the two slow ones might just be a
ref to unoccupied slave drive positions.

I'm wondering what to send in. Maybe I could send a log from successful
copy with swap off, showing reiser logging, and config, in case a stress
condition or misconfig shows up even when catastrophic failure doesn't
occur. With swap on the fail is sudden and no error logging is coming

I could incrementally copy /usr/src to one raid, then do a copy from that
raid to another raid. All that would do is test copying from one balanced
set of four drives/partitions to another balanced set, versus copying from
one drive's /usr/src to that and three other drives' raid set, which is
unbalanced, dragging on one drive.


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