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SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.6][2/5]Support for HPET based timer
Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> I doubt if we really need the timer running that early, apart from for
> calibrate_delay().
> You can probably move the time_init() and calibrate_delay() so they occur
> after mem_init(). A close review would be needed to see if that is likely
> to break anything. If it is, then consider creating a new late_time_init()
> thing, and call that and calibrate_delay() after mem_init().

Actually, I think some platforms (ppc64) will explode if we do the
local_irq_enable() prior to time_init().

So I suggest you look at the latter option:

- change time_init() so that it doesn't actually touch the HPET hardware
in the HPET timer case.

- add late_time_init() after mem_init().

- then do calibrate_delay().

Or whatever. The bottom line is that init/main.c is fragile, but not
inviolable ;)

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