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SubjectRe: Interesting problem with 450NX based Compaq server
Bryan Ballard <> wrote:
> Hello, I've looked through the kernel list archives and haven't found
> anything that might help. I have a Compaq 5500r 4x500mhz Xeons and
> whenever a heavy load is placed on the box it reboots without any kernel
> panics or oops. It seems to be related primarily to multiple PCI card
> access, i.e. during heavy RAID card / NIC interaction. I've tried to
> isolate it by replacing NICs and RAID cards, but the only thing I can
> come up with is that it is related to the 450NX chipset.
> Since I am not sure anyone is still working on the 450NX chipset I've
> refrained from cluttering the list with a giant E-mail full of /proc
> data until someone answers back that they would be interested in any
> information that I can provide them.

I have an Intel ad450nx server, based on the 450NX PCISet chipset.
4x500MHz Xeons. It runs like a champ.

Maybe you have a buggy kernel. Try a vendor patch, or switch vendors,
or try a kernel or something like that?
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