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SubjectRe: md: bug in file raid5.c, line 540 was: Re: Linux 2.4.22-rc1
On 2003-08-26T10:22:57,
Mike Fedyk <> said:

> Is there any way to get it working on one partition, or does it require at
> least two backing store block (an actual physical disk) devices that a bunch
> of loop devices point to? (I'm thinking of the raid[15] case).

md will work just fine - although with much reduced performance - if
setup on top of partitions on the same disk. If all you have is a single
physical disk, you can create the loop devices accordingly. For
multipath testing, I have used LVM logical volumes + loop devices to
simulate such, or used UML and fed it with a bunch of block devices (LVs
or loop devices) from the host.

(The script actually knows how to create arbitary numbers of
loop devices for multipath testing, which in turn uncovered a bug in our
loop handling, which axboe took care of...)

Lars Marowsky-Brée <>

High Availability & Clustering ever tried. ever failed. no matter.
SuSE Labs try again. fail again. fail better.
Research & Development, SuSE Linux AG -- Samuel Beckett

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