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SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] add a config option for -Os
At Tue, 26 Aug 2003 00:47:17 +0200,
Adrian Bunk wrote:
> The patch below adds a config option for compiling the kernel with -Os.
> Compared to the last patch, the option moved to the embedded to the
> General Setup menu and depends on EXPERIMENTAL instead of EMBEDDED
> (retionale: it might even produce a faster kernel but it's less tested).
> I removed the special cases in the arm, arm26 and h8300 Makefiles, users
> on these architectures can now use OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE.
> Compiling with this option enabled produced a working kernel for me on
> i386.

An idea do not change -O2, and to add specification of -Os to with "OPTIMIZE_SIZE" ?
If there are a few the ones, degradation of speed means.

vmlinux size of h8300
-O2 -Os -O2&-Os
.text 561200 554368 555088
.data 59148 58612 58868
.bss 45244 45260 45244
total 665592 658240 659200

Yoshinori Sato
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