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SubjectRe: [PATCH]O18.1int
Con Kolivas <> writes:

>> >> >> Vanilla test1 has the spin effect. Test2 doesn't. I haven't tried
>> >> >> vanilla test3 or test4. As I've said, the O16.2-O16.3 patch
>> >> >> introduced the problem. With that patch reversed, everything is
>> >> >> fine. What problem does that patch fix?
>> >> >
>> >> > It's a generic fix for priority inversion but it induces badness in
>> >> > smp, and latency in task preemption on up so it's not suitable.
>> >>
>> >> Now I'm confused. If that patch is bad, then why is it in O18?
>> >
>> > No, the 16.2 patch is bad. 16.3 backed it out.
>> OK, but it somehow made XEmacs behave badly.
> Well it was a generic fix in 16.2 that helped XEmacs as I said. O15
> also had a generic fix (child not preempting it's parent) but that
> too was covering up the real issue, but it wasnt as drastic as 16.2.

Of the kernels I've tested, only test1 vanilla and O16.3 and later
show the problem. Btw, is it related to the XEmacs regexp search
problem, or is that a different one?

Måns Rullgård

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