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SubjectRe: [PM] Patrick: which part of "maintainer" and "peer review" needs explaining to you?

> > > Secondly, you can actually remove the second command line parameter
> > > ("noresume") by simply specifying a NULL partition to this parameter. It
> > > requires about a 5-line change, and makes things simpler.
> >
> > You'd better not. You are expected to have one "resume=/foo/bar"
> > specified as append in lilo. You want to able to say noresume and do
> > one boot without resuming. Turning resume with
> > "resume=/dev/nonexistent" would be playing roulete with command line
> > argument order.
> AFAIK, you could have
> resume=/dev/hda3 always appended to your command line. Should you suspend
> and not want to resume, you should be able to manually add
> "resume=" on the command line after the above, and have the setup function
> called again, which would reset it to NULL, thereby keeping the same

I'm not sure if it is easy to guarantee that you are adding *after*
parameters automatically appended with LILO.

> > > -EAGAIN allows the drivers/devices that really need special care to
> > > specify it. Otherwise, we'll end up calling ->suspend() twice for power
> > > down for each device (those that can do w/ interrupts enabled and those
> > > that need interrupts disabled), which also requires every single driver to
> > > check whether or not interrupts are enabled, instead of just those that
> > > need it.
> >
> > No, you should have simply let it alone and pass "level" parameter
> > telling driver if interrupts were disabled or not. No need to
> > constantly change API while trying to stabilise the code.
> ...and modify each driver to check for it?

Well, those drivers should have the checks already, otherwise they are
buggy, but I guess I see your point now.
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