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SubjectRe: [PATCH] RFC: kills consistent_dma_mask
>>>>> "Krzysztof" == Krzysztof Halasa <> writes:

Krzysztof> There is one big problem with current API: the DMA (struct
Krzysztof> driver) API does not have consistent_dma_mask. If the PCI
Krzysztof> API is implemented on top of DMA API, it can't be correct
Krzysztof> (and, obviously, DMA API on top of PCI API can't be correct
Krzysztof> either). So, if we insist on keeping consistent_dma_mask in
Krzysztof> pci_dev structure, we need to add it to DMA API as
Krzysztof> well. There is no trivial change which can fix this
Krzysztof> problem.

So why are we dancing around the thing like this, the problem is sooo
bloody simple. Add consistent_dma_mask to the DMA API as well. I
already spoke to James briefly about this earlier and he didn't sound
like had anything against us adding this feature there.

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