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Subject[RFC] Re: Blender profiling-1 O16.2int

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 11:36:42PM +1000, Con Kolivas wrote:
> Now normally, blender should just sleep and wait till X comes
> alive again before it does anything. However here it shows clearly that
> it is spinning madly looking for something from X, and poor X can't do
> anything. This is the busy on wait I've described.

> Second, any applications that exhibit this should be fixed since it is a bug.

Say if blender is polling the mouse in the view rotate loop? (If so, you
should be able to just hold down the middle mouse to starve, without moving
the mouse.)

Is this really a bug in the application? Blender is interactive while rotating
the view. More CPU means more frames per second which gives the user a
better experience. The CPU usage will drop down when the user releases the
middle mouse button.

(OK, in this specific case blender could update the screen on mouse move
events, but what about the general case eg a 3d game, where the screen
is updated by eg monster ai?)

And how do you fix it? Would sleep(0) in these loops do, or do you need to
select(...) on X?

CC me please on replys.


Kester Maddock.
^ sends occaisional patches to blender.

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