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SubjectRe: [OT] sizeof C types ...
On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 21:13:39 +0200 Herbert Pötzl <> wrote:

| Hi Everyone!
| this time not sooo off topic but ...
| anyway, ist there some kind of overview how
| large the basic C types are on the different
| architectures Linux runs on?
| char, short, int, long, long int, long long, ...

From gcc mailing list today: <quote>

All GCC targets (except perhaps some specialized targets for certain DSPs
and microcontrollers) support 64-bit integers.

Almost all GCC targets are either "ILP32" or "LP64".

For ILP32:
short is 16 bits
int, long, pointers are 32 bits
"long long" is 64 bits

For LP64:
short is 16 bits
int is 32 bits
long, pointers, and "long long" are 64 bits

None of this requires a specific version, as all these types have been
around for a long time.

Also see Ch. 10 of the LDD book:

~Randy [mantra: Always include kernel version.]
"Everything is relative."
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