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SubjectRe: linux-2.2 future?
On Friday 22 August 2003 23:27, A.D.F. wrote:

Hi A. De Faccio

> > I think 2.2 is not dead. I often see 2.2 kernels running on systems like
> > wlan access points or dsl routers from different vendors. 2.2 is often
> > used where stability is a must-have. At least security fixes have to go
> > in.
> I agree.
> > What do you think?
> Well, I think that 2.2.24 and 2.2.25 kernels are really stable (at least on
> UP), but that the most weak side is on IDE disk drivers.

My -secure tree is also rock solid on SMP :p

> They seem to have DMA problems when using recent hard disks (i.e. Maxtor,
> etc.) that lead to serious file system corruption problems.
> Maybe there are also geometry problems because all troubles have been
> observed on disks with more than 32 GB of capacity (i.e. 40 GB).
> This is a pity because, up to now, 2.2.x kernels have been
> a valid choice for small / semi-embedded systems 80x86
> (yes, I know that 2.4 should be better, but I'm still waiting for
> a stable rock kernel).

I agree on this. Therefore my 2.2-secure tree has a 2.4 IDE backport from the
PLD Project by Krzysiek Taraszka & Krzysiek Oledzki. It's not that up2date
like .21 and .22 IDE code is, but it works very very smooth and nice and rock
solid. We use the 2.2-secure tree for almost all customers in my company.
Biggest harddisk is a 160GB Maxtor IDE disk.

> In conclusion, I hope that next maintainer will think about
> these matters:
> IDE drivers;


> security fixes;

ack! Current 2.2 is missing, for example, hashing exploits in network stack,
like 2.4 had some time ago.

> micro-optimizations;

also done in 2.2-secure

> compatibility with newer compilers.

This might be the hardest job. This is not done in 2.2-secure. I think the
effort in doing this is not worth the time it takes.

> After all if 2.0 seems to be still alive also 2.2 should be.

I agree 100%. Anyway, no comment from Alan, so I think he don't want to give
2.2 away to me.

P.S.: I've cc'ed Ruben, Alan and Ville.

ciao, Marc

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