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SubjectRe: LTP nightly regression results for 2.6.0-test3-bk2,bk3,bk5,bk6,bk7,mm3,mjb1
On 20 Aug 2003, Paul Larson wrote:
> Here's the latest batch of LTP test results for the latest 2.6 bk
> snapshots and mm/mjb trees. These results and previous results are
> archived at:
> swapoff01 FAIL FAIL N N
> swapoff02 FAIL FAIL N N

Paul, I've not been able to reproduce those swapoff failures.
Your ltp.outs indicate that it was the swapon which failed,
but its error code is not shown; nor the tmpfile outputs from
setup's system(3) calls (if I remember rightly, system succeeds
if it can run what's asked, whether what it runs fails or not).
Please try running a swapoff01 and swapoff02 modified to catch
that info: it may quickly identify the issue.


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