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SubjectPROBLEM: LUN- Gaps on HP VA7410 not recognized by scsi scan

Our company is running a HP Virtual Array 7410 as a Storage System for our
HP-UX, Linux and W2K servers.
A few weeks ago we connected a Cisco MDS9216 SAN- Switch for testing
purposes to our testing SAN.
As server we choose SuSE Enterprise Server 8 with Kernel 2.4.19 Build 304
and a Windows box.

We configured the first two LUNs for Windows and the following two for
Linux did not recognize his LUNs. Only after permitting Linux access to the
Windows LUNs it would "see" his own storage.

We contacted our HP Support and they found out, that in the following line
the product number is incorrect:
{"HP", "A6189B", "*", BLIST_SPARSELUN | BLIST_LARGELUN}, //HP Va7410
It should be A6218A. Otherwise Linux would miss every LUN located "behind" a
LUN- Gap.
As this is not a SuSE specific problem, I am posting it to this mailing
If you have further questions, please contact me.

Thanks and best regards.

> Stefan Schindewolf
> Infraserv GmbH & Co Höchst KG
> Service Center Informationstechnologie
> D710, D-65926 Frankfurt
> Telefon: +49/69/305-43870
> Fax: +49/69/305-23549
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