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Subject[2.4.22-rc1] ext3/jbd assertion failure transaction.c:1164


I was running fsx to test a userspace NFSv3 server. The underlying
filesystem was ext3. After about 10 seconds into the fsx run, I hit the
following BUG() in transaction.c. data=journal was used. I could not start
any new processes after the incident and had to press the reset button.

Is this a known problem?

Assertion failure in journal_dirty_metadata() at transaction.c:1164:
"jh->b_frozen_data == 0"

ksymoops 2.4.4 on i686 2.4.22-rc1. Options used
-V (default)
-k /proc/ksyms (default)
-l /proc/modules (default)
-o /lib/modules/2.4.22-rc1/ (default)
-m /boot/ (default)

Warning: You did not tell me where to find symbol information. I will
assume that the log matches the kernel and modules that are running
right now and I'll use the default options above for symbol resolution.
If the current kernel and/or modules do not match the log, you can get
more accurate output by telling me the kernel version and where to find
map, modules, ksyms etc. ksymoops -h explains the options.

Error (regular_file): read_ksyms stat /proc/ksyms failed
No modules in ksyms, skipping objects
No ksyms, skipping lsmod
kernel BUG at transaction.c:1164!
invalid operand: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[journal_dirty_metadata+359/416] Not tainted
EIP: 0010:[<c015dcc7>] Not tainted
Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
EFLAGS: 00010292
eax: 00000061 ebx: e6044f30 ecx: 00000005 edx: e77a9f44
esi: e77a67c0 edi: e7c447c0 ebp: e655c940 esp: d1459dcc
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
Process fsx (pid: 4689, stackpage=d1459000)
Stack: c02d8fa0 c02d4126 c02d49b8 0000048c c02d4bd1 d0785640 e655c940 00000000
00001000 c015581a e655c940 d0785640 00000246 00000000 00000246 00000000
d0785640 d07d7000 00001000 0000001e 00001000 d0785640 0000001c c01637f7
Call Trace: [commit_write_fn+26/96] [__jbd_kmalloc+39/160] [walk_page_buffers+93/128] [ext3_commit_write+166/448] [commit_write_fn+0/96]
Call Trace: [<c015581a>] [<c01637f7>] [<c015557d>] [<c0155906>] [<c0155800>]
[<c01276cd>] [<c0127ad0>] [<c01531ff>] [<c0132245>] [<c0131e20>] [<c0131fce>]
Code: 0f 0b 8c 04 b8 49 2d c0 83 c4 14 6a 03 ff 75 00 53 e8 43 0a

>>EIP; c015dcc7 <journal_dirty_metadata+167/1a0> <=====
Trace; c015581a <commit_write_fn+1a/60>
Trace; c01637f7 <__jbd_kmalloc+27/a0>
Trace; c015557d <walk_page_buffers+5d/80>
Trace; c0155906 <ext3_commit_write+a6/1c0>
Trace; c0155800 <commit_write_fn+0/60>
Trace; c01276cd <do_generic_file_write+29d/3e0>
Trace; c0127ad0 <generic_file_write+f0/110>
Trace; c01531ff <ext3_file_write+1f/b0>
Trace; c0132245 <sys_write+95/f0>
Trace; c0131e20 <generic_file_llseek+0/b0>
Trace; c0131fce <sys_lseek+6e/80>
Trace; c01088a3 <system_call+33/38>
Code; c015dcc7 <journal_dirty_metadata+167/1a0>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code; c015dcc7 <journal_dirty_metadata+167/1a0> <=====
0: 0f 0b ud2a <=====
Code; c015dcc9 <journal_dirty_metadata+169/1a0>
2: 8c 04 b8 movl %es,(%eax,%edi,4)
Code; c015dccc <journal_dirty_metadata+16c/1a0>
5: 49 dec %ecx
Code; c015dccd <journal_dirty_metadata+16d/1a0>
6: 2d c0 83 c4 14 sub $0x14c483c0,%eax
Code; c015dcd2 <journal_dirty_metadata+172/1a0>
b: 6a 03 push $0x3
Code; c015dcd4 <journal_dirty_metadata+174/1a0>
d: ff 75 00 pushl 0x0(%ebp)
Code; c015dcd7 <journal_dirty_metadata+177/1a0>
10: 53 push %ebx
Code; c015dcd8 <journal_dirty_metadata+178/1a0>
11: e8 43 0a 00 00 call a59 <_EIP+0xa59> c015e720 <__journal_file_buffer+0/1e0>

1 warning and 1 error issued. Results may not be reliable.


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