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Subjectsend_sig_info() in __switch_to() Ok or not?
I have a kernel extension (the x86 perfctr driver) that needs,
in a specific but unlikely case(*), to send a SIGILL to current
(next) in __switch_to(). Is this permitted or not?

I suspect it might not be because send_sig_info() eventually does
wake_up_process_kick(), and there's this warning in __switch_to()
not to call printk() since it calls wake_up()...

If I can't call send_sig_info() in __switch_to(), is there
another way to post a SIGILL to current from __switch_to()?


(*) A process on a HT P4 is using perfctrs and has an appropriate
cpus_allowed mask. Some other process changes our cpus_allowed,
and the scheduler migrates us to a non-0 thread. I detect this
in __switch_to()'s resume path and kill the counters, but I also
need to notify current somehow.
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