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Subjectvia rhine network failure on 2.6.0-test4
The via rhine driver fails to get a dhcp address on my test system on 
2.6.0-test4. ethereal shows no dhcp request leaving the box but
ifconfig does show the device and it is detected in /proc/pci.
Switching from the test3 vs. test4 snapshots built with equivalent
configure options on the same system (SuSE 8.2) - test3 works but test4
does not. This is using essentially the default config for both the
test3 and test4 cases - the only changes are SMP disabled, scsi devices
disabled, Athlon, via-rhine enabled in network devices and a handful of
additional filesystems enabled, debug memory allocations enabled. This
is the first time in many months that I have seen problems with the
via-rhine driver on 2.6

Analyzing the code differences between 2.6.0-test3 and test4 (in
via-rhine.c) is not very promising since the only line that has changed
(kfree to free_netdev) is in the routine via_rhine_remove_one that seems
unlikely to cause problems sending data on the network.

Ideas as to what could have caused the regression?

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