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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Nick's scheduler policy
On Sun, 2003-08-24 at 14:35, Nick Piggin wrote:
> Hi,
> Patch against 2.6.0-test4. It fixes a lot of problems here vs
> previous versions. There aren't really any open issues for me, so
> testers would be welcome.
> The big change is more dynamic timeslices, which allows "interactive"
> tasks to get very small timeslices while more compute intensive loads
> can be given bigger timeslices than usual. This works properly with
> nice (niced processes will tend to get bigger timeslices).
> I think I have cured test-starve too.

I haven't still found any starvation cases, but forking time when the
system is under heavy load has increased considerable with respect to
vanilla or Con's O18.1int:

1. On a Konsole session, run "while true; do a=2; done"
2. Now, try forming a new Konsole session and you'll see it takes
approximately twice the time it takes when the system is under no load.

Also, renicing X to -20 helps X interactivity, while with Con's patches,
renicing X to -20 makes it feel worse.

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