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Subject[RFC] patch for invalid packet time from ULOG target of iptables
I've just started playing with the ULOG target in
iptables, and I've noticed that the 'timestamp_sec'
member of the ulog_packet_msg_t struct paseed to
the user is always 0 for locally generated packets.
I was thinking of patching the ipt_ulog_target
function in net/ipv4/netfilter/ipt_ULOG.c to
check if timestamp_sec is 0 and if so, set it
to the current time by adding code to test
'timestamp_sec' after it's been set. E.g;

pm->timestamp_sec = (*pskb)->stamp.tv_sec;
pm->timestamp_usec = (*pskb)->stamp.tv_usec;
+ if ( pm->timestamp_sec == 0 ) {
+ pm->timestamp_sec = currrent time;
+ }

Any comments?

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