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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.6.0-test3 zoran driver update
Ronald Bultje <> :
[avoid code duplication in {adv7170/adv7175/bt819/saa7111/saa7185}_write_block]
> I'm wondering how. I could make an inline function that each of them
> includes (but that doesn't decrease binary size, code is still
> duplicated), or I could make a parent module (and I don't want to do
> that). The only bad thing of the current way is the maintainance, but I
> don't really mind.

These functions differ only in:

struct XXX *encoder = i2c_get_clientdata(client);
do {
block_data[msg.len++] =
encoder->reg[reg++] = data[1];
if ((ret =
XXX_write(client, reg, *data++)) < 0)

Make i2c_get_clientdata() return a generic container struct which
provides instance specific methods to retrieve the "reg" member and
the XXX_write() function. Init these in XXX_detect_client() just
before i2c_set_clientdata() and it is done.

Patches that remove code used to make Penguin #0 happy. We want an happy
Penguin #0, don't we ? :o)

> Does it matter if I just keep it the way it is right now? I don't really
> mind at all.

Your choice. As a maintainer, you can say "It would be great. Volunteer
anyone ?" and see voluteer appearing.

> I'm moving some things explicitely to the long-term list, btw, that's on
> purpose. It'd be cool to handle the new DMA/PCI subsystem, but we've got
> many things to work on, some of which are more important than this.

Ok, I'll check and
try to kill one or two simple, self-contained, tasks.

[part-time kernel involvement]

Same thing here.


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