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SubjectRe: Running SMP 2.4.21 #2 SMP Kernel on single processor : Memory Leakage?
Mehmet Ali Suzen wrote:
>>> I am running RedHat Linux 9 Linux 2.4.21 SMP ...
>>Then you should contact a Red Hat Linux forum for support.
> it was a compiled kernel.

Ah, if you were running a kernel, apologies.

> I am running RedHat Linux 9 Linux 2.4.21 SMP and
> memory usage is increasing regularly even if
> no heavy service like (radiusd,mysqld, httpd, named) is not
> running. After some time I get Out of Memory
> messages and system hungs!
> It sounds stupid but we are running single cpu.
> Would it be possible to have a memory leakage due to SMP
> operations? Board is Intel Server Board SE7501BR2

I haven't seen the problem you describe, so I'm shooting in
the dark, but:

How long does the problem take to occur after boot?
What kind of load are you putting on the system?
Have you checked the output of ps and /proc/slabinfo to
look for obvious bloats?

- Dan
Dan Kegel

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