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SubjectRe: [PATCH]O18.1int
On Sat, 23 Aug 2003 19:49, Nick Piggin wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
> >We have a problem. See the this analysis from Steve Pratt.

> >Steve has done some preliminary testing which indicates that the
> > volanomark and specjbb regressions are due to the CPU scheduler changes.

> >It might help if you or a buddy could get set up with volanomark on an
> > OSDL 4-or-8-way so that you can more closely track the effect of your
> > changes on such benchmarks.

Ok here goes.
This is on 8way:

Average throughput = 11145 messages per second

Average throughput = 9860 messages per second

Average throughput = 9788 messages per second

So I grabbed test3-mm3 and started peeling back the patches
and found no change in throughput without _any_ of my Oxint patches applied,
and just Ingo's A3 patch:

Average throughput = 9889 messages per second

Then finally I removed that patch so there were no interactivity patches:
Average throughput = 11052 messages per second

I performed each run 3 times and have the results and profiles posted here:

wli suggested inlining sched_clock from A3 to see if that helped but at 3am I
think it can wait. At least I've been able to track down the drop. Thanks
zwane for the iron access.


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