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SubjectRe: evms or lvm?
> 2.6.0 will have many changes with respect to LVM and EVMS. LVM is
> updated to newer version 2 (LVM2), based on DM (Device Mapper), sort of
> a simplified in-kernel LVM that just handles discovering the drives.
> Updated userspace utilities (LVM2) are already available to drive this.
> On the other part, EVMS was completely redesigned. Former EVMS
> implementation was duplicating too much code, and in general it was
> regarded as a bad implementation on a very good idea, so the people at
> IBM in charge on EVMS development took what it look to everyone as a
> very clever move, and for 2.6.x they implemented EVMS on top of DM. User
> space utilities for EVMS are (from the user's point of view) the same as
> before, but now the inner details are different: no reimplementation of
> software RAID, no reimplementation of LVM, etc.

I noticed the kernel doesn't have LVM as an option now. Does both projects
just use the DM from userspace?

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