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SubjectRe: Race condition in 2.4 tasklet handling (cli() broken?)
 Oops, Sorry.  Only bh handling is relevant.  Softirq and tasklet are
not of concern to cli().

On Sat, Aug 23, 2003 at 01:09:31PM +0900, TeJun Huh wrote:
> Additional suspicious things.
> 1. tasklet_kill() has similar race condition. mb() required before
> tasklet_unlock_wait().

Corrected 2.

global_bh_lock test inside wait_on_irq() suggests that cli() tries to
block not only interrupt handling but also bh handlings of all cpus;
however, current implementation does not guarantee that.

Because global_bh_lock is acquired in bh_action() <call trace:
handle_IRQ_event()->do_softirq()->tasklet_action()->bh_action()> after
decrementing local_irq_count(), other cpus may happily begin bh
handling while a cpu is still inside cli() - sti() critical section.

If bh hanlding is not guaranteed to be blocked during cli() - sti()
critical section, global_bh_lock test inside wait_on_irq() is
redundant and if it should be guaranteed, current implmentation seems

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