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SubjectRe: nforce2 lockups
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Am Samstag, 23. August 2003 14:20 schrieb Mikael Pettersson <>
zum Thema Re: nforce2 lockups:
> On Sat, 23 Aug 2003 10:41:46 +0900, wrote:
> Passing nolapic to a kernel which doesn't recognise it causes it to
> simply be passed through to init, with no error message.
> So either you used non-standard versions of 2.4.22-rc2/2.6.0-test3,
> or nolapic wasn't the thing that fixed your nforce2 board.
It probably was a combination of the other measures mentioned in my mail then.
I have (had) the same problems, and one has to completely avoid the local
APIC it seems. Passing noapic and disabling APIC Mode in the BIOS did not do
that (2.6.0-test3 + acpi20030730).

> "noapic" (note: no "l") might very well fix your board, but that's
see above. noapic had no effect on the freezes. On boot it still said "found
and enabling local APIC" and the system freezes within minutes when I push
data across the network. Just after compiling a kernel with absolutely no
APIC stuff compiled in, it worked... Note that the nmi_watchdog was not
triggered by the freezes, and that seems to run via the APIC, too.

> acpi=off or pci=noacpi might also fix the board, if ACPI is busted.
ACPI works fine, when using at least acpi20030730. Without ACPI the interrupts
are not assigned OK, as e.g. the onboard 3com NIC does not work (at least

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