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SubjectRe: evms or lvm?
On Saturday, 23 August 2003, at 12:31:43 +0300,
Voicu Liviu wrote:

> I'm planing to move to 2.6x kernels and I don't know what should I use,
> lvm or evms, any 1 could help me to decide?
> I've heard that evms will not continue with 2.6, is it true?
> Best regards
2.6.0 will have many changes with respect to LVM and EVMS. LVM is
updated to newer version 2 (LVM2), based on DM (Device Mapper), sort of
a simplified in-kernel LVM that just handles discovering the drives.
Updated userspace utilities (LVM2) are already available to drive this.

On the other part, EVMS was completely redesigned. Former EVMS
implementation was duplicating too much code, and in general it was
regarded as a bad implementation on a very good idea, so the people at
IBM in charge on EVMS development took what it look to everyone as a
very clever move, and for 2.6.x they implemented EVMS on top of DM. User
space utilities for EVMS are (from the user's point of view) the same as
before, but now the inner details are different: no reimplementation of
software RAID, no reimplementation of LVM, etc.

Have a look at both projects websites to get more accurate and detailled
information about them:


Jose Luis Domingo Lopez
Linux Registered User #189436 Debian Linux Sid (Linux 2.6.0-test3-mm2)
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