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SubjectRe: Reiserfs kernel-crashing bug in 2.4.20 (and UML) wrote:
> Let's get this out of the way first: I KNOW IT'S A HARDWARE BUG. My
> system wrote corrupted data to the drive. I've already recovered the
> partition but I have a dd'd copy around to figure this out.
> With that out of the way:
> I can reliably insta-reboot my kernel or cause user-mode-linux to crash
> out when doing a directory lookup in one corrupted directory.
> The catch is, (and there's always a catch) neither oopses. real kernel on
> real hardware just flashes the screen and reboots, user-mode-linux just
> drops back to the host's shell prompt.
> Here's what I've found using UML on it:
> The directory is one block, but we're reading data 100+k into it. Perhaps
> a sanity check that we're actually within the buffer we want to be?

You're absolutely right. Filesystem drivers should try hard to not crash
the box when fed random crap.

> + if (d_reclen < 0)
> + return -EIO;

It needs to be checked for some upper bound as well.

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