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Subject2.4.22-rc2-ac3 blew up

This morning I put 2.4.22-rc2-ac3 on a mail server. About 5 mins ago
the box blew up and we got this in a remote syslog:

Aug 23 22:04:08 mailserver1 kernel: Do you have a strange power sav ing mode enabled?
Aug 23 22:04:08 mailserver1 kernel: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 21.
Aug 23 22:04:08 mailserver1 kernel: Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

ACPI and AMP are NOT enabled. I can attach the .config tomorrow if
someone wants it once the box is back up. It's a 4way P3-550 with
16Gigs of RAM. Himem and 64Gig were the compiled options as well as it
was compiled for P3. Due to the way it locked up there wasn't anything
else we could get debug wise. This is a production box so we had to
roll it back to the previous kernel and no-real debugging options are
available. We do have a machine which is identicle except it is 4Gigs
of ram and instead of a raid0 of 4 disks totalling 200Gigs of space the
other machine has a single disk of 400GB.


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