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SubjectRe: Current status of Intel PRO/Wireless 2100
Bas Mevissen wrote:
> Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:
>> Hello Bas , Do you (or anyone else) know which of the 'PCI' based
>> cards are use the 'mini-pci' cards on a bridge card ?
> Probably all PCI-cards that have a huge metal casing. PCI WLAN cards are
> not so common (desktop and wireless is a bit silly :-))and hence the
> development costs for a "real" PCI WLAN card might be too high compared
> to the extra cost of using a Mini-PCI and a bridge. Actually, "bridge"
> is too much honour for the remaining card. Slot converter is more
> appropriate.
>> I'd really like more of a selection to choose from than just
>> Netgear . The Netgear card you spoke of below religously doesn't
>> mention Linux in it's support sections . But , (hopefully) it
>> appears that you are using under linux , correct ? Tia , JimL
> We all like that. Actually, I wanted to have an 802.11a/b/g from a
> supplier that has real open source drivers. But it was all I could get
> on a short term.
> I use it with Linux. Actually, I did not more than a few tests. But I
> know it works and I verified it with the XP install that came with the
> notebook. I just had to install the PCI-card drivers there.
> (general remark) Note that this kind of use of mini-pci modules is all
> on your own risk and responsibility. Maybe I better had not told this on
> LKML. But now that has happened, I advise people to think twice before
> doing it and ask me for details in private if they feel uncertain about it.

Yep I was just gonna ask you for pictures (photos) showing all
connectors and stuff so I know how it will fit into my acer laptop :)

Christan Axelsson

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