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SubjectRe: [autofs] autofs and namespaces

Hi Tim,

Fact is that I am just now starting to look at 2.6 and the issues relating
to it wrt autofs.

Perhaps you (or someone else) could help by giving me a 5 cent tour of the
issues as you see them.

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Tim Hockin wrote:

> For lack of clear insight into this, I thought I might put this out for
> opinions.
> We're examining autofs and issues customers are having with it. One of
> the issues that came up during discussions of things we can do is
> namespaces.

Customers are having trouble with it.

One of them would be me.

As you have seen on the autofs list I have been working to improve Sun
<-> Linux automount integration for some time now and while I don't have a
complete solution I have made significant progress, in an operational

With luck and effort I expect to have a release available soonish.

> Does anyone have any ideas how namespaces and autofs ought to play
> together? There are some obvious answers, but it seems to me that they
> might not be correct.

This sounds very interesting but I am deep into getting an operational
release for the 2.4 kernel right now. Anything I can do, at least for a
while, will be a cursory survey.

> Anyone out there want to throw some ideas out? We can just ignore it,
> but that isn't exactly nice. What we really need is some guidance on
> what kind of sematics are "correct".

Don't want to ignore it but ....


,-._|\ Ian Kent
/ \ Perth, Western Australia
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