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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] linux-2.4.22-rc2_proc-interrupts-fix_A0.patch
> All,
> Recently I've been seeing memory corruption issues related to
> /proc/interrupts on a 16way (32x w/ HT) x440. Basically get_irq_list() does
> not do any bounds checking on the page it is given, and can easily overrun
> the buffer when the cpu and interrupt count is high enough.
> This patch backports the 2.5 seq_file implementation of /proc/interrupts for
> CONFIG_X86 (hopefully leaving other arches alone).

The right thing to do IMO is to backport the missing 2.6 seq_file functions,
similar to what you did, but put them where they belong, in
fs/seq_file.c. And not only for X86. I.e., without the
ifdef/endif lines.

Such a patch has been sent to Marcelo at least 2 times, 1 from me
and 1 from someone else. It is needed and I hope that he hears us.

> Obviously this is probably a little late in the game for 2.4.22, but I'd
> like to get any feedback at all to help expedite its acceptance into
> 2.4.23-prex.

Need to add the seq_single() function prototypes to include/linux/seq_file.h


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