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Subject2.6: Synaptics TouchPad and GPM (GPM patches)

Apologies for the semi-offtopic message but ever since support for
Synaptics' absolute mode went in many people complained that it
broke GPM.

I did some work on extending evdev support in GPM, the new protocol
implementation supports following subtypes:

1. relative device - standard relative device like generic PS/2 mouse
reporting via /dev/input/eventX
2. absolute device - touch screens and tablets.
3. touchpad - device reporting absolute coordinates and pressure via
/dev/input/event, GPM recognizes normal and corner tapping.
4. synaptics - same as touchpad but also supports multi-finger taps
(expects MSC_GESTURE messages from the kernel).

Kernel has to support EV_SYNC for touchpad and synaptics support,
relative and absolute modes can be used with 2.4 kernels by specifying
nosync option.

You will find the patches at:

RPMs (binary and source) built on RH8 are at:

The README is at:

The patches work pretty well for me and I hope they will work for others too.
Because of limited hardware I could not test evdev with touchscreen or a

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