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SubjectRe: nforce2 lockups
Thank you!!!

I had done this before but without the nolapic option. That appears to have been the solution. Ran a whole day without one lockup where before 10 minutes was rarely achieved.

I don't know if you knew I had a $20 reward for the fix, but it looks like you got it.

Going to run a few more days just to be sure, but send me your address and I will send you the $20 after stressing my system a bit more.

It looks like the nolapic kernel parameter was just recently introduced. I tried it in both the 2.4.22-rc2 kernel and the 2.6.0-test3 kernel with success in both.

Would still like apic to be completely fixed in the nforce2 chipsets, but I am just happy to have a working system again.

Thanks again,

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From: Patrick Dreker <>
Date: Thursday, August 21, 2003 8:05 pm
Subject: Re: nforce2 lockups

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> Am Thursday 21 August 2003 03:39 schrieb
> zum
> Thema Re: nforce2 lockups:
> > and it did cure my spurious interrupt problem, but
> unfortunately, my
> > lockups have returned.
> I managed to stabilize my Board, but I don't think the trick was
> obvious:
> Disable alle APIC related kernel Options (Local APIC and IO-APIC),
> disable
> APIC Mode in the BIOS. Check on reboot if it still talks about the
> APIC in
> the boot messages (How? IIRC mine did, which was why I did not
> think that
> disabling the APIC helped... Actually somehow it still was
> activated. Could
> ACPI be part of this?). If it does try noapic and/or nolapic boot
> options.
> If you completely shut off the APIC it runs stable, but 1 of the 3
> Controllers is not assigned an interrupt. All this with ACPI
> enabled (ACPI
> patch 20030730 and kernel 2.6.0-test3).
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