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SubjectRe: Problem with 2.6-testXX and alcatel speedtouch usb modem
On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 07:08:30PM +0800, Luis Medinas wrote:
> >I try to make this modem working.
> >It works very well on kernel 2.4 series.
> >It work with some kernel 2.6 until test2-mm1.
> >But since test2-mm1, the newer kernel doesn't work anymore.
> >There is 2 related drivers for this modem.
> >The one which is included in the kernel and which can be found here :
> >
> >and the one which I've always used until now :
> >
> >when I notice that the old one doesn't work anymore, I try with the driver
> >which included in the kernel, without success.
> >It crashed when I do "pppd call adsl".
> >I can load the firmware.
> Looks like this is happening to all 2.6.0-test3 users with speedtouch
> usb modems And i heard that developers want to leave
> 2.6 tree stabilize more a little bit to continue develop drivers with
> the correct support.

Um, as you have helped narrow down where the problem happened, I would
_really_ suggest they get involved in order to get the 2.6 tree to a
"stable" state. Otherwise this bug is not going to get fixed due to the
fact that this is the only driver having problems right now.


greg k-h
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