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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test3-mm3
> . More CPU scheduler changes
> . The regression with reaim which was due to the CPU scheduler changes
> seems to have largely gone away, but it was never a large effect in my
> testing. Needs retesting please.

Have some tests completed.
Results are ..interesting.
All results:

On a gross level, the delta has indeed shrunk:
STP id PLM# KernelName Workfile MaxJPM MaxUser Host Change
277851 2063 2.6.0-test3-mm3 new_dbase 5327.15 88 stp4-000 0.00
277455 2049 linux-2.6.0-test3 new_dbase 5324.95 92 stp4-000 -0.04

However, if we look at the detail within the runs, the two kernels do run
differently. It's not really good/bad, just different.

Basically, -mm3 runs a little slower, but steadier.
-test3 has bigger peaks and valleys, the average between the two over the run comes
out about the same. Example:

Num children JPM/-mm3 JPM/-test3
44 5079.77 5183.81
48 5130.43 4853.96
52 5102.86 5161.39

Numbers taken from:
-test3 ->
-mm3 ->

Sorry to be so vague..more tests are underway.

Code location:

Run parameters:

./reaim -s$CPU_COUNT -x -t -i$CPU_COUNT -f workfile.new_dbase -r3 -b -l./stp.config
./reaim -s$CPU_COUNT -q -t -i$CPU_COUNT -f workfile.new_dbase -r3 -b -l./stp.config
(3 runs each, average of all 6 reported)


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