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SubjectRe: Intel 865 AGP and nVidia driver problem
George Garvey wrote:
> Just bought a new computer, Intel D865PERL motherboard, one P4 SMP
> w/HT. When starting X in both 2.6.0-test3 and 2.4.22-rc2 with pre7-aa1,
> screen goes black and system is gone (fortunately system keys to unmount
> and reboot work). Last line in X log shows MMIO registers, but could
> have gotten further and just not on disk.

I have:

- same MB Intel D865PERL
- Nvidia FX 5600 Ultra (by PNY), AGP
- kernel 2.4.21 (ac4)
- XFree86 (on debian unstable)


- proprietary nvidia driver works
- XFree86 vesa driver works


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