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SubjectKernel module symbol versioning?

I have been reading the book "Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition" and have
some questions about symbol versioning. In Chapter 11 it mentions that
you can use the <linux/modversions.h> header file to compile your module
with symbol versions enabled, so that your module will load on multiple
kernels and fail if the symbol CRC's do not match. I tested this out on a
simple test module, but this module fails to load unless I pass the '-f'
flag to insmod (Red Hat 7.3 and 8.0).

Is there a way to compile the module so that insmod will only complain if
there is a version conflict? Or do you always have to use -f in this case
to force the module to load? If you have to do that, will -f still fail
to load if the versioned symbols don't match?


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