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SubjectRe: [2.6.0-test3-mm3] irda compile error
Martin Diehl wrote:

>On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Christian Axelsson wrote:
>>Got this while doing make. Config attached.
>>Same config compiles fine under mm2
>> CC drivers/net/irda/vlsi_ir.o
>>drivers/net/irda/vlsi_ir.c: In function `vlsi_proc_pdev':
>>drivers/net/irda/vlsi_ir.c:167: structure has no member named `name'
>Yep, Thanks. I'm aware of the problem which is due to the recent
>device->name removal. In fact a fix for this was already included in the
>latest resent of my big vlsi update patch pending since long.
>Anyway, it was pointed out now the patch is too big so I'm currently
>working on splitting it up. Bunch of patches will follow soon :-)
>Btw., are you actually using this driver? I'm always looking for testers
>with 2.6 to give better real life coverage...

No, not until I get a cellphone or similar that I can use it with :)
I smiply have it for eventual cases like this as I want to find as much
bugs as possible before the actual 2.6 release.

Christian Axelsson

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