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SubjectDoubt: core not dumped when binary give up root privileges.


I wrote a program which runs with uid 0, but later give up root privs by
calling setreuid(x, x) where x is an unprivileged user.
Before doing that, it chdirs to a directory owned by that unprivileged
user, with mode 700.

The program explicitly sets RLIMIT_CORE to RLIM_INFINITY when still
running with uid 0.

If instead of calling the program as root, I call it from the non-priv
uid in question, if it crashes, it dumps core on the mentioned dir.
That's the desired behaviour, since I can then take the core and debug.
But if I run it as root (in fact, I would have to), and it crashes (or
is forced to ,by means of kill -SEGV), after it gives up root
credentials, it won't leave a core dump file, which in turn means I
cannot debug it later.

Any ideas?

Please CC-me since I'm not subscribed.



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