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SubjectRe: kernel hangs up running web server
Yaoping Ruan <> wrote:
> Thus I've made both the server (Flash) and the workload generator (Flexiclient)
> available at:
> and would appreciate if any of the developers could try them out. To run the test
> 1. generate fileset at server side by copying over fileset and
> ./fileset -s zipfset -n #DIRS
> 2. compile Flash (may change options in config.h) and run
> ./flash -user YOUR_ACCOUNT
> 3. run client as:
> ./zipfgen -s spec -n #DIRS | ./batcher 5 | ./flexiclient -host HOST -time
> SECONDS -active 1000
> (it's a rarely happened bug, better to run more than 1800 seconds, with 1000
> connections)

How does one tell the server how to locate its fileset?

I get this. What does it mean?

vmm:/home/akpm/flash/flexi-curr> ./zipfgen -s spec -n 100 | ./batcher 5 | ./flexiclient -host localhost -time 2000 -active 1000
-host localhost : name of machine/interface running server
-port 31415 : listen port # on server
-active 1000 : number of simultaneous outstanding requests
-maxconns 0 : max idle and active connections
-persist groups : enable persistent connections (off,groups,force)
-hash 0 : print hash mark for each completed request
-time 2000 : # seconds to run test
-sync 0 : synchronize clients on different machines using clientmaster
-output : sends incoming data to this file name
-printint 20 : specifies seconds to print real summary every
-reqrate 0 : if set, max burst request rate
-rcvwin 48 : if set, new size of receive window in KB
-exhdrs : if set, extra headers for each request
-xml 0 : if set, produce output in XML format
-statfile stdout : sends statistics to this file
-doskip 0 : if set, skips trace entries to avoid batching
-trace 0 : same as -doskip
-persec 1 : print statistics at per second level
file flexiclient.c, line 796, not being held
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