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SubjectRe: usb-storage: how to ruin your hardware(?)
> P.P.S. The 'strange partition table' you saw probably wasn't a partition
> table at all -- it was likely the start of a VFAT filesystem. I'm guessing
> that if you had just mounted /dev/sda (notice no partition number!), it
> would have worked.
I almost killed my USB 128mb flash (it's an mp3 player also).
I also noticed a strange partition and "fixed" it. And file transfers
where ok (VFAT, formatted), but suddenly it stopped playing audio. When I
redid the formatting as a plain DOS partition using fdisk command.
o create a new empty DOS partition table

MP3 started playing right.
It seems that many manufacturers rely on undocumented (yes, I haven't
found any pointers about partition table format, etc.) nuances
and settings.
Like your USB BAR's starting sector's data, that seemed to be garbage.

Maybe a message of caution should be displayed in usb-storage
configure help about attemtping to change partitions and/or filesystems on
USB storage devices.


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