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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O17int
Quoting Wes Janzen <>:

> I wish I could get mm3 running so I could evaluate those interactivity
> statements. I can't imagine it being worse than what I'm experiencing now:

Umm. You didn't mention which kernel/patch? I seem to recall you were using
Osomething but which?

> That would be compiling the kernel, bunzipping a file, and some cron
> mandb thing that was running gzip in the background niced. Plus X and
> Mozilla, which probably starts the problem. At the end there, you see
> things calm down. That's also the way it starts out, then something
> sets off the "priority inversion" and the machine becomes completely
> worthless. Even the task that are running aren't really accomplishing
> anything. So the load goes from around 4/5 into the teens and the
> context switching makes a corresponding jump. And then both
> interactivity AND throughput fall through the floor.
> I can't imagine any interactivity regressions that are worse than this
> behavior...

If this is Osomething, can you tell me when it started doing this and what
vanilla does.

> And this happens with just X and Mozilla running. It happens less often
> without X running, but still happens. Even if I'm at a VT, it could
> take 5-6 seconds for my text to appear after I type. This happens all
> the time, about once every few minutes and correlates with a
> simultaneous increase in context switches and load.


> Can you set a cutoff point where if the process uses less that X percent
> of the max timeslice, it is penalized? I don't know if it's possible
> to do a loop of empty spins at some point and time it to find out what
> the cut-off point should be...otherwise I imagine it would need to be
> tuned for every processor speed. Could you use the bogomips to gauge
> the speed of the machine and use that to determine the min timeslice?
> From what I understand above, that would perhaps be more selective than
> just penalizing every process and have a positive affect on
> everything...of course I'm open to the possibility that I have it all
> wrong ;-)

A thought, but unfortunately some arbitrary limit would just be hit by
everything randomly rather than with any meaningful frequency. The timeslice
interactive things use up is extremely variable depending on circumstances.

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