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SubjectRe: Current status of Intel PRO/Wireless 2100
	Hello Bas ,  Do you (or anyone else) know which of the 'PCI' based
cards are use the 'mini-pci' cards on a bridge card ?

I'd really like more of a selection to choose from than just
Netgear . The Netgear card you spoke of below religously doesn't
mention Linux in it's support sections . But , (hopefully) it
appears that you are using under linux , correct ? Tia , JimL

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Bas Mevissen wrote:
> Anders Karlsson wrote:
> > On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 10:10, Christian Axelsson wrote:
> (mini-PCI WLAN cards in notebooks)
> > For the time being those mini-PCI cards is dead weight in the laptop I
> > am afraid. I hope that either Intel suddenly sees sense (snowflake in
> > hell analogy coming on) or some bright spark reverse engineers the card
> > and writes an alpha driver that surpasses the functionality of the Intel
> > beta drivers they keep under lock and key internally.
> > I'll probably locate some Prism CardBus card in the meantime to use.
> My dead weight was called Dell TrueMobile 1300 (with BroadCom chipset).
> What I did is buying a NetGear WG311 PCI card (802.11b/g). It contains a
> mini-pci card in a slot unders a metal cover and some small stuff on the
> PCI-shape PCB.
> The cover is easy to remove (only 3 pins) and the antenna is not
> soldered, but connected with the same connector as in my notebook. I
> could only connect 1 (main) antenna, but the PCI card has only one
> antenna too. So you only loose antenna diversity.
> The NetGear contains an Atheros chipset. There is some open source stuff
> available (URL forgotten) and a driver (mafwifi) with a binary-only
> hardware abstraction. Not really what you want, but at least a start. A
> combination of both may lead to a more desirable result. But for me it
> is fine to use. Only I can not issue bug reports when the driver has
> been loaded since the last boot.
> BTW. I have a PCI card with Broadcom chipset for sale now :-)
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