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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test3-mm3 reserve IRQ for isapnp (2.6.0-test3-mm3 <sigh>)
On Thursday 21 August 2003 14:01, Wes Janzen wrote:
> Thanks, I was supposed to try that too, but I forgot ;-)
> So I tried it. Doesn't work... It does change the IRQ assignments, but
> I don't think there would be any hope of it running without ACPI. Isn't
> ACPI required for IRQ sharing? If not then it might work.

No, ACPI is not required for interrupt sharing... So it might work ;-)

> It uses 6 IRQ's just between the IDE and USB...the thing's stuffed with
> cards. Add video, SB16, 2 serial ports, parallel...well, you get the
> idea.
> Now if VIA would have made it correctly in the first place...
> Wes

Have you tried my patch? I'm running a kernel with this patch, ACPI enabled
and "pci=noacpi". 16 IRQ's won't be enough for me, too, as you can see here:

0: 348795 IO-APIC-edge timer
1: 627 IO-APIC-edge i8042
2: 0 XT-PIC cascade
4: 5 IO-APIC-edge serial
8: 2 IO-APIC-edge rtc
9: 0 IO-APIC-edge acpi
14: 12240 IO-APIC-edge ide0
15: 11 IO-APIC-edge ide1
16: 31827 IO-APIC-level nvidia
17: 1461 IO-APIC-level eth0
18: 4 IO-APIC-level bttv0
19: 13213 IO-APIC-level EMU10K1
21: 11567 IO-APIC-level uhci-hcd, uhci-hcd, uhci-hcd, ehci_hcd

And everything works just fine... (despite my broken BIOS ;-)

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