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SubjectRe: [OT] Connection tracking for IPSec
Am Mi, 2003-08-20 um 16.22 schrieb Felipe Alfaro Solana:
> saying it's not honouring the netfilter rules at all?
> No... What I'm saying is that normal IP traffic is processed by the
> firewall. However, if the incoming traffic is protected with IPSec,
> since I opened up protocols 50 and 51, the IPSec traffic is admitted
> without passing any remaining firewall filters. The machine in question
> is an end host (not a router).

Yes, you're right. I just checked. Only the encrypted traffic passes the
netfilter rules, never the unencrypted data. So if you open the
protocols 50 and 51, the encrypted data can pass, gets
encrypted/decrypted and that data can always pass unchecked.

These packets should get reinjected into the netfilter mechanism after
decryption and should pass the rules before getting encrypted.

Christophe Saout <>
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