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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O17int
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On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 18:00, Mike Galbraith wrote:
> At 06:55 AM 8/20/2003 +0200, Voluspa wrote:
> >Blender 2.28 can not starve xmms one iota. Within blender itself, I can
> >cause 1 to 5 second freezes while doing a slow "world rotate", but that
> >is something the application programmers have to fix.
> I'm not so sure that it's an application bug. With Nick's patch, I cannot
> trigger any delay what so ever, whereas with stock, or with Ingo's changes
> [as well as my own, damn the bad luck] I can. I'm not saying it's _not_ a
> bug mind you, but color me suspicious ;-)

/me giggles like a 12 year old girl (teehee)

Try an earlier version of blender and you'll see it goes away. Other ones to
try are opening a gpg signed mail (like this mail) in kmail. The slower the
sleep avg decay in any tree the longer the spin. Nick's changes I believe
cover up the flaw. I'm not discounting Nick's work, but I do believe the apps
are broken and it's only the current scheduler design that makes it visible.
I would also like to make it impossible for priority inversion to happen but
at the moment I've just got to make sure they dont starve anything but their
dependent cpu hog. Still looking for some useful task dependency tracking.

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