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SubjectRe: Console on USB
>>   So I ordered a USB to serial converter, configured a 2.6.0-test3
>> kernel, added a console=/dev/ttyUSB0 to the kernel command line and
>> connected this to my desktop with a null modem adapter.
> What made you think this will work?!

Maybe the drivers/usb/serial/Kconfig file?

bool "USB Serial Console device support (EXPERIMENTAL)"

>> Is there any advice I might be able to use to get this going?
> You'd have to write it. Grep for register_console for starters.
> But I do not advise it, see below.

usb/serial/console.c:255: register_console(&usbcons);

>> I really want to be able to catch some oops output.
> If oops happens with interrupts closed, forget about it.
> USB needs interrupts to work. This is one of the reasons nobody
> bothered to implement console over USB serial.

The call to register_console() also happens very late in the boot
sequence, so if your oops is early, USB console won't help.

> You will have a better chance using Ingo's netconsole, if a patch
> for your Ethernet driver exists.

Certainly, I agree.


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